oh my god i just realized what’s so dumb about people being like “why would you want to watch people play video games if you could just play them yourself” 


you fucking idiots watch sports on the television shut the fuck up

why would you listen to music when you can just play instruments and make music yourself

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Hey reader,

How do you take your tea, coffee, and alcohol?


Jasmine green tea with goji berries is my favorite. I also like black teas with skim milk, especially spiced chai with skim and maple syrup.

I like coldbrew iced coffee with skim milk, and tend to almost always favor Latin American sourced beans. If I feel like spoiling myself at a fancy cafe, I may have a skim mocha.

I tend to like anything bitter, sour, smoky, or cloudy. IPAs and porters; unsweetened margaritas and salt-rimmed lemon drops; smoky, peaty scotch whiskey; and barely-filtered sake and ciders and weissbiers.

This is not really a tag but I’d love for my mutuals to actually respond. :)

This will be fun!

Tea: I like most teas. That includes the typical ones like green, white, black, peppermint, chamomile, Earl Grey, and fruit teas. I don’t use sugar with my tea. I basically drink them straight up. As you can guess, I like my tea bitter.

Coffee: I only drink coffee to stay awake, so I don’t care about the flavor. I also suck at making coffee. As in, I either put in too little sugar or too much. So, one day, I said “Screw it!” and decided to drink my coffee black. It took a while but I got used to it. If I have a bit of time, I’ll add milk. That’s it, though.

Alcohol: I actually don’t drink…yeah.